Empowering the Zignaly ecosystem

ZIG is the token that powers the Zignaly ecosystem. As a utility token, not only can you buy or sell ZIG like any other cryptocurrency, but ZIG comes with a wide range of use cases and benefits.

Benefits of ZIG

Use ZIG to pay for services, pay success fees with discounts, receive trading fee cashbacks, participate in the Zignaly Vault and much more. Learn more about ZIG and take the most of Zignaly.

Save up to 6%
On Success Fees

Enjoy a discount of up to 6% when paying the success fees under our flagship Profit Sharing service.

Save up to 15%
On Trading Fees

Get 15% cashback when you choose ZIG to pay your trading fees.

Variety of rewards
On Zignaly Vault

Holders of ZIG to earn rewards in ZIG and other coins from external collaborations (on stand-by due to market conditions).

Zignaly in numbers

Zignaly was launched in Mid 2018 in private beta and today we are more than 30 people in the team, offering support services 24/7.


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Because everyone deserves the same opportunities

Zignaly is a group of passionate people who are building a trusted crypto wealth management platform that levels the playing field for everyone – ensuring that all people have access to the world’s most successful trading strategies and investment products.

Many of the most lucrative investment opportunities are only accessible for financial institutions and high-net-worth individuals, which further expands the wealth gap across our communities. Unfortunately, the lion share of the world’s population do not have access to private equity, hedge funds, and the world’s top financial advisors and traders.

Zignaly is a financial and economic equalizer that is powered by ZIG, the cornerstone of our ecosystem. Our purpose is to reduce the inequality across the world’s traditional financial system by allowing anybody, no matter how much capital they hold, to have access to some of the planet’s best investment opportunities.

We plan to accomplish this by using the power of blockchain technologies and providing our users with access to the world’s most seasoned and talented cryptocurrency assets managers.



Centralized exchanges where ZIG is available right now.

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Swaps and liquidity

Decentralized exchanges where ZIG is available right now.



We are creating strong partnerships with companies that can help ZIG towards our mission

Backed by


ZIG is backed by some of the top crypto investment firms

ZIG token


Updated roadmap coming soon...

February 2017
Concept Generation,Team Assemble
March 2017
Proving the concept can work. Strategic Plan. White paper completion
June 2017
Platform design and technical demonstration. Building the MVP
September 2017
Public financing & Seed funding raised
May 2019
Crowdfunding Integration
Smart contracts support creators. Ethereum tokens support
November 2018
App Beta Test
Private closed beta. Open beta launched to public and improvement the app.

April 2018
Token Sale
ICO Press Tour. Open global sales of ICOblock token
January 2018
Alpha Test
In-house testing of functional. Prototype published and linked to Ethereum blockchain with real-time scanning.
February 2020
More Operational
Integration of third party controllers. Marketplace cooperative module.

December 2019
Hardware things
Integration of third party controllers. Marketplace cooperative module.

September 2019
Community Benefits
Establishing global user base. US start retailer selection.

September 2019
Community Benefits
Establishing global user base. US start retailer selection.


On the news

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