Protect your investment with
First-ever NFT based insurance protocol

The biggest fear when it comes to investment is the losses. ZIG coin is designed to provide protection against potential losses using NFT based insurance!


Built on top of Zignaly — Launched in 2018

Industry-leading Social Investment Platform

At Zignaly, we believe blockchain & cryptocurrencies are ways to democratize investment opportunities. We are creating an ecosystem with Exchanges, Traders and Investors in order to offer an investment solution that allows investors to put their money to work for them, and expert traders to monetize their skillset.

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July 2018
We launch Zignaly as a signal platform to allow people to automatize their signals.
Mar 2019
We noticed that some people were looking for more automatized ways to invest, so we implement copy trading.
Feb 2020
Futures market is available in Zignaly.
Aug 2020
New UI Launched.
Nov 2020
We created the improved version of Copy Trading, and we called it Profit Sharing.
Jan 2021
First billion in Trading Volume.
Apr 2021
ZIG Coin is launched!
Q2 2021
ZIG Coin Wallets
Q2 2021
NFT Wallets
Q3 2021
Insurance Coverage MVP
Q3 2021
Profit Sharing Index
Q4 2021
ZIG Coin Rewards
Q1 2022
Mobile App
Q3 2022
FIAT Payment Integration
Q4 2022
NFT Gamification Integration

About Zigcoin

The Insurance Protocol

You invest your capital with a pro trader, and if that trader generates a monthly return below their drawback percentage, then the insurance coverage is triggered to reimburse the difference. The extent of insurance depends on the investor, that is, how much of the capital is secured via insurance NFT (can only be purchased via ZIG)

ZIG Insurance Protocol


Use cases

Transfer of Value

Zigcoin is used to pay for Insurance NFTs

Gorvernance and Stacking

Users who hold/stake Zigcoin will be able to have voting rights on platform updates and new features

Discounted Fees

Enabling platform-wide fees to be paid with Zigcoin

Loyalty and Rewards

Limited edition releases of loyalty/reward functioned NFTs will be catered towards users

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Token Distribution

  • Name: Zignaly Token
  • Type: ERC20
  • Symbol: ZIG
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Total suply: 2,000,000,000 ZIG
  • 12.50% 
    Private Round
  • 12.00% 
    Liquidity Provider Incentives
  • 10.00% 
  • 5.00% 
    Future Campaigns and Community
  • 5.00% 
    Expert Trader Incentive
  • 3.25% 
  • 25.00% 
    Operations Reserve
  • 27.25% 

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